Great Book Swap House Badges


Show your support for your Animals in Language House during your Great Book Swap fundraising event!

These badges are 60mm in diameter and come in packs of 25 so the whole class can get involved and proudly display their support for social justice, Indigenous literacy and celebrate reading in their local school community.

Yirrikipayi in the Tiwi language translates as saltwater crocodile.

Bigibigi in Kriol translates as pig.

Wamparla in Arabana language translates as possum.

Lungkura in Walmajarri translates as blue-tongued lizard.

All proceeds go back into our three core programs operating in more than 280 remote communities across Australia.

Grab a tote bag to accompany your purchase - perfect for displaying your House badge on and great for trips to the library, school or park.

Books displayed in images are not included but can be purchased separately.